6 Ways to Play Golf Indoors While at Home

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Golfers need no excuse to stay at home and practice their game. Unfortunately, because of the global pandemic, you’re likely to be spending a lot of time at home or certainly indoors. Whether you’re semi-retired or just unable to work, you may not be able to visit a golf range. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t still enjoy a bit of golf from home or must miss out on practice time. You can play golf indoors and practice your swing shots and putts to your heart’s content. So, how can you play golf indoors at home?

An Indoor Golf Simulator

If you’re going to be at home for whatever reason and want to work on your golfing abilities, it’s time to think about buying a golf simulator. Indoor simulators can be a fun and great way to practice golf without damaging anything of value in your home. You can have a quick round of golf on the simulator or practice specific shots and swings. This enables you to get some game time without leaving the comfort of your home. Or you could just squeeze in some practice when you have spare time to do so.

Indoor golf simulators are useful to play golf at home but also improve on areas of your game that are lacking or need some work on. However, it’s important to note that with an indoor simulator, you need sufficient room so you can safely swing a golf club. You may require around 9 square footage of space with an indoor golf simulator. Of course, there are many types of indoor simulators, so you should find one suitable for your budget. Most indoor golf simulators can work via computer, TV, or a projection screen.

Indoor Golf Simulator

Foam Goal Balls

Indoor simulators are the ideal way to improve your golf skills, however, they mightn’t be suitable for your house. Fortunately, there are other solutions, such as the foam golf balls. You could easily practice your golf swings with these balls because they’re soft and create less damage should they hit a wall or ceiling.

Of course, the harder you hit the ball, the more damage it can do. However, these enable you to work on chipping and pitching, and they’re versatile. You could create targets or set up obstacles so you can work on your chips. A chip mat can also be used to prevent damage to your floor while practicing.

Improving Your Putting Skills with A Putt Mat

Putting is one area where many golfers struggle with, especially newcomers. You could hit the ball too hard and it bounces out the hole or just miss it entirely. Fortunately, you could use a putting mat to create a mini-green in your home. You set up the mat and work on your put shots. Even if you don’t buy a full putting kit, you could use a cup to act as the target. This is a simple way to work on your putting skills and improve your strokes and build confidence too.

A Training System

A golf training system can be the ideal way to play golf indoors. These systems are incredibly popular because they enable you to work on your golf swings, in particular, the speed of your swings. Some systems even come with weighted golf clubs designed to work on swings and build your arm muscles at the same time. This will depend on the specific golf training system being chosen.

Improve Your General Flexibility to Improve Your Golf

Stretching doesn’t seem overly important for golfers but it’s an important aspect as it uses a lot of lower body strength. The body’s core needs to be strong too and your general fitness needs to be good because you’re standing up for prolonged periods. You don’t want to take a swing shot and lock your joints or be limited in your movements. Stretching helps to keep your body flexible and may help you when working on your swings. There are lots of little things you can do to improve your flexibility and, at the same time, get to play a few rounds.

Ensure You’ve a Good Computer System at Home

As said, indoor golf simulators can range significantly. Some will be more expensive than others and some will be compatible with a range of devices; then, other golf simulators work via your computer. While there are full-size simulators, there are also systems and programs that can be directly connected to your computer. So, you need to make sure your devices are compatible.

If you’re opting for a simulator and want to connect to your computer, you may require an Intel i5 (or newer) Core Processor. You may also need an operating system of Windows 7, 8, or later, with AMD graphics, and a reliable internet connection. Some programs will require over 30GB of space on your hard drive and a 64-bit processor. However, it could also be useful to have laptop computer with a portable screen. You can have a second computer screen to increase your visibility of the program.

Play at Home and Have Fun

Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it and even when things return to normality, many of us won’t have the same quality of life as before. It may be down to the impact of having Covid-19, because of economic struggles, or just out of sheer fear. Unfortunately, there are also businesses temporarily closing and others that will never reopen, including golf courses. Fortunately, you could practice at home with golf simulators. You could use a second screen to improve the program and build on your skills.

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