How To Select The Best Golf Gloves For Sweaty Hands In 2020

Golf Gloves

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Golf is an outdoor sport that involves the use of clubs by players to hit balls into a series of holes that are present on a course, to be done in not so many strokes. Although the ancient origin of this sport is still very much debated, the modern game originated in Scotland in the fifteenth century.

It is a unique sport in the sense that it does not have a standardized playing area as the difference in the terrains of different locations are key essentials of the gamewhich need to be adapted to.

Hence, there is really no “perfect” location to play. However, the regular golf course consists 18 holes but thecommoner ones are the nine-hole courses which can be played twice for a full round.

Statistics show a great percentage of people in the United States of America as well as other major Asian countries being the location of many golf courses and players. It is also worthy to note that there is rarely a nation of the world that lacks the existence of golf.

Therefore, it is a sport that is here to stay and hence, all must be put in place to remove any restriction that might hinder anyone who develops a love for it.


Having a good grip is very important in this sport and it can be discouraging when there are sweaty palms to hinder that. These can be as a result of the weather conditions  and the body trying to regulate its temperature or an underlying health condition, whatever it may be, no one likes the club slipping out of one’s hands due to sweat.

Therefore, there are different ways to combat it. Some of which include:

  • Use of antiperspirants.   
  • The baby powder comes in handy at this point. It can be applied to the palms reducing its affinity to sweat.
  • The palms can be placed in ice to regulate their temperature just before playing.
  • The use of sweat bands around the wrists that keep the sweat from rolling down to the palms.
  • The use of dry hands products; powder, sticky products or spray helps to keep the hands dry according to their name.


Asides from the use of clubs and balls, golf gloves are a piece of equipment that every golfer needs. These gloves help to maintain a light grip pressure while still having good control of the club and they prevent blisters on the palm.

More importantly, one can turn to them when one has sweaty hands. They also allow these golfers to play without their hands getting slippery on the club. The golfer should have multiples of them and rotate them continually.

There are different types of golf gloves so numerous and ubiquitous that it becomes necessary to be able to distinguish between the best and the goodas there is more than just finding the right size.The ideal glove should be flexible, comfortable, durable, and useful in many different conditions.

There are also gloves that TV is made especially for playing extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or cold. In glove construction, the gold standard is the Cabretta leather.

Some of these best gloves are the following, each having its advantages and a few disadvantages.

  • Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove: This type of glove offers a great deal of comfort, fit and grip. It is also very durable in terms of use. Although it can be slippery when wet.
  •  MG DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove: This offers a great deal of comfort and has the right fit too. Although it is usually not so durable, it can be gotten at a not expensive price making it worth its cost.
  •  Under Armour Spieth Tour: The unique features of this glove include an adjustable tab to make sure it fits all manner of hand sizes. It also has a premium grip system that will keep one’s feel stable throughout the swing and the round.
  •  Bionic Stable Grip Golf Glove: This is the oldest glove in this review with no signs of leaving our faces soon. It is designed especially to help reduce grip pressure. This is through the innovative design of pads built into the fingers and palm of the glove to help distribute and reduce grip pressure. Although it may not offer so much comfort because it has a strange feeling that somewhat takes some time getting used to. However, it is amazing for arthritic sufferers and it is very durable.
  • Foot Joy Rain Grip Golf Gloves: This is one of the specialty gloves made and used exclusively for seasons of rain. It has been adapted to give a great grip even when soaking wet. They also come as a pair so neither of the hands is losing its grip while putting. It can be expensive, however, and not fit for use in the absence of rain but its effectiveness increases with the degree of their wetness.
  •  Titleist Players: This is one of the most comfortable gloves for use in the sport of golf. It is usually thin such that one can almost feel like it is not there when worn. Coupled with that, it offers a great light grip pressure with a consistent fit that just helps you to hit the ball right. Others include FootJoy Pure Touch, Finger Ten Synthetic Leather Junior Golf Glove, and so on.


Of the best golf gloves available, Bionic gloves, Titleist Players, Foot Joy Rain Grip gloves are better adapted for sweaty hands. Apart from having multiple gloves which can be changed regularly, another way of wearing sweaty gloves with one’s hands involve the use of fabric gloves liners.

These can be used to combat sweaty glove hand by wearing the fabric gloves underneath and the material for your gloves should be chosen wisely so as to help with sweat and avoid more serious issues like allergic reactions.It is important to note that stress should be avoided as it is a precursor to sweaty hands.

Gloves in golf are usually worn on the weak hand. A right-handed golfer will wear the glove on the left hand and vice versa. They are not compulsory but they are recommended by professional golfers. For many people a glove is a glove.

However, many professional players will tell you that a golf glove is an essential piece of equipment and you can distinguish between a professional and a beginner from their golf gloves.


  • Foot-Joy contour FLX: This is a Cabretta soft leather palm patch that heightens it’s feel, with a Fiber-Sof back that is soft and flexible.
  • Mizuno Golf Elite: This glove gives comfort and feels to give you the best grip out on the course.

Once you know you get sweaty hands easily, these are recommendations for you to make your golf experience amazing. Like the pros said above. Having a golf glove is essential in having a good sport even if you do not have sweaty hands.  

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