Help Your Dog Play Golf with You

Golf player and dog in golf course

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You love a spot of golf and you love your dog play golf, so why not combine these two together? It’s not as strange as it sounds; there are plenty of ways to combine time with your beloved dog and golf. And, it can be a fun experience. Who doesn’t feel terrible when they leave their pet behind to play a round of golf? Unfortunately, the golf course isn’t suitable for dogs, but, there are many other ways to enjoy golf with your pet. So, how to enjoy golf-related activities with your dog?

The Drive Fetch

Golfers – professional or otherwise – need to spend time working on their drive and this could be where you get the dog involved. You’d set the ball up as you normally would when playing golf and hit it as accurately and as far as you can. So, where does the dog come into play? Your dog fetches the ball back to you. When you hit the ball, the dog scampers off after it and retrieves the ball and the whole exercise can start again. This gives you ample time to work on your drive and the dog gets to enjoy playing fetch. What’s more, a good session of drive fetch can give the dog a thorough workout too.

1. Select A Suitable Driving Range

First and foremost, you need a dog-friendly golf range. If you can’t find a driving range that allows dogs in then you may need to look elsewhere. Large parks – possibly even a dog-friendly park – would be useful as you have plenty of room to hit the ball without disturbing others. Of course, this may depend on the time of day you arrive at the park. Fortunately, there are lots of locations suitable for a spot of golf; you could look at open fields or even your back yard.

However, you need to be careful about which type of balls you’re using. If you have a very small puppy, a golf ball may not be the best as they could choke or swallow it. Think about what’s best for your pet.

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2. Tee Up And Swing

When you’ve found a suitable location, it’s time to get started. Take a golf tee, set it up, and place the ball on top of the tee. Have the dog wait at your side, then aim and take a good hard swing with your golf club and hit the ball down the range. Once the ball’s in the air, the dog (hopefully) will chase after it.

3. Let The Dog Fetch The Ball

The only thing you have to do now is to wait for the dog to retrieve the ball. Hopefully, the dog will actively fetch the ball without any encouragement from you and return it to your feet. Once the ball is back you can tee it up again. It can be fun as long as the dog wants to fetch and you are happy to practice your drive.

Have a Round of Dog-Friendly Golf

Playing a round of dog-friendly golf can be a smart idea. It’s not as silly as it sounds because there are a few doggy-friendly golf courses available. Of course, the majority of golf courses don’t allow dogs into their facilities but you may still be able to find a local golf course that does. You can enjoy a round of golf with your beloved pooch at your side and it can be an overall enjoyable outing for your both.

However, certain etiquette rules or guidelines have to be followed with any dog-friendly facility. For instance, most dog-friendly golf courses won’t allow dogs to run loose as it could injure others or themselves.  What’s more, owners are generally expected to clean any dog mess left behind, out of common curtsey. Knowing these rules before you use the facility would be wise.

1. Find A Suitable Course That’s Pet-Friendly

A little research goes a long way when it comes to enjoying a round of golf with your dog. You want a course that isn’t too far away but that’s suitable for your dog’s needs. And, you need to pack for the occasion. It’s essential for the dog to have something that’ll keep them cool, especially during a hot day. You also need to carry enough water for yourself and the dog as he’ll need to stay cool throughout the day. Remember, most courses are open stretches of fields with no shelter.

2. Make Your Dog Comfortable

You can’t have the dog running around your feet – or the course – while you play a shot. It’s a risk to themselves and everyone else on the golf course. For example, your dog is running loose when a shot is played and is hit by the ball. Potentially, it’s a nasty injury and could result in hefty vet bills. Instead, secure the dog in the golf cart. Make them as comfortable as possible and hopefully, they’ll have good discipline to remain in the cart while you play a shot.

3. Play And Care For Your Pet

Dogs can get out of the golf cart and stretch their legs and use the bathroom. However, if they do, you need to clean any mess after them. What’s more, you also want to check your pet is happy so after every shot you play, look at your dog to see if he or she seems happy.

Boost Your Fitness with Fun Activities for You and Your Dog

Golfers need to be in fairly decent condition so they can play the best shots. Fitness is a priority for golfers as a lot of upper body strength is needed. Lower body strength is also a necessity as golfers are on their feet for most of the day. There are plenty of simple ways to boost your fitness levels and improve your overall health; you can even get the dog onboard. Both of you can get a thorough workout and improve your fitness.

1. Go For A Light Run

Get your running shoes on. Taking a slow or light run around the neighborhood can be a smart way to improve your fitness. You can take the dog with you but ensure they’re leashed and under your control at all times. You can start with a slow jog then slowly increase your speed when you’re ready. This may help improve your golf game by improving your stamina.

2. Try The Hoop Hops

Hula hoops can be ideal to help boost fitness and get you and your dog moving. Choose a room in the home you have plenty of space to move around in; if you have limited space indoors, go outdoors instead. Place four hula hoops on the floor and give your dog an incentive to jump or hop from one hoop to the next. You could do the same and it’s a good workout for the legs.

3. Play Tug-Of-War

Want a workout that’s good for your arm muscles and your dog’s health? Tug-of-war is a great and simple exercise to improve your fitness and health. Dogs will love it too.

4. Toy Golf Balls

Golf balls are small and could pose a serious danger to your pet, especially if they’re a puppy and not used to them. You never know what a dog will try and eat so you have to be extra careful when using golf balls around dogs. However, you could opt for a toy golf ball instead. These are softer to chew on but bigger than the standard golf balls and may be slightly tougher for the dog to swallow. Dog toy golf balls may be safer than actual golf balls.

5. Create A Golf Ball Dog Craft For Your Pet

You could make a golf ball dog craft. This is really easy to make and inexpensive too. You could look at some YouTube videos to find out more about creating one just for your pet.

Golfing Activities for Dogs – Materials You’ll Require

There are a few materials you’ll need to safely play golf with your pet. Here are a few of the top items to have.

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  • A Collar For Your Dog

Every pet should have an identification tag, such as a dog collar. It’s not only a way to restrain them but a way to properly identify and keep them safe. Collars contain medical or personal information about the dog and its owner and (with a leash) can prevent a dog attacking another animal or person. Collars are often a necessary accessory for a dog, whether you agree with them or otherwise. Leashes can also be attached to the collars when they are being walked and to secure them while you’re inside a store.

Fortunately, there are many different types of collars available, including ones made from nylon webbing or leather. Responsible pet owners should opt for a collar that’s strong but gentle on the dog. Metal, polyester, and hemp are also materials that can be used to create a collar, although, these are not the most popular items to use.

  • Doggy Treats

Trying to get your dog to take part in a new activity can be difficult if they’re not interested. Fortunately, some doggy treats might be the way to influence and encourage them to do what you ask. There are lots of dog food treats to choose from and can be the way to get them started. If you want to feed your dog treats, however, look for something that’s tasty and they’ll enjoy eating. What’s more, the treat should be fairly quick and easy to consume.

  • Lots Of Toy Golf Balls

A golf ball is tough but expensive. You can go through a lot of balls when you’re playing golf with the family pet and it’ll be a costly lesson. However, your dog mightn’t just retrieve your golf ball, they could retrieve others too. While some golf clubs will resell the balls, it could present a few issues, especially if your dog runs off with a ball the owner is about to pick up. Instead, you may want to opt for something a little less expensive, such as a toy golf ball. It’s bigger than an actual golf ball and the dog can recognize it easily.

  • Golf Clubs

You need a decent golf club to hit the ball; however, there are many types of clubs in golf. Each has a club head with a shaft and grip. Iron is a popular material used to create the club and is versatile too. Wood, although not the most conventional choice, remains popular still and is best for tee shots and long-distance fairways. There are also the hybrid clubs that are made from both iron and wood; these are popular for many newcomers and modern golfers. Putters are the last club to be used as they ease the ball into the hole. Altogether, fourteen clubs can be used.

  • Tug Ropes

Play a tug game. You and your dog can burn up excess energy with a game of tug-of-war. It’s a fantastic way to wake those muscles and to enjoy some playtime together. Just ensure you let the dog win as their mood might be brighter and happier.

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  • A Golf Cart

If you’re a serious golfer, an affordable golf cart might be what you need. Golf carts are simple tools and can be dog-friendly as well. When you’re playing a round of golf, the dog can sit patiently and comfortably in the cart. You don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on them or running around your feet. Also, the cart carries the heavy loads to and from each hole.

  • A Reliable Golf Bag

A golf bag can be a handy accessory to have. You can use them to carry your golf clubs and additional golf balls too. They can be affordable and don’t take up a lot of room either. What’s more, they can keep all of your clubs together so there’s less chance of mislaying one.

  • A Strong Dog Leash

You need to control your dog when outdoors. A leash is a necessary way to help keep the dog under your control. You can use it to guide them away from other dogs or people. What’s more, if you plan to head to a park or just to walk the dog, a leash will be necessary. In reality, the leash could be a way to protect the dog and prevent a nasty incident too. While your dog’s gentle, they could playfully nip others and that’s a potentially expensive problem for you.

You should select a leash that’s strong and comes with a suitable length. An extendable leash is fine as long as you don’t let the dog go too far outside your control. Depending on the type of dog you have, a harness may be necessary to keep control over them.

Have Golfing Fun with Your Pet

Very few pet owners consider doggy time and golf a perfect combination but there are lots of fun things to do. You can play a round of golf with the dog at your side or practice your drives as they fetch the ball back. If it’s fun for your dog and you enjoy, it can be an entertaining day. Take your golf cart and practice golf with your beloved pet and enjoy your dog play golf with you.


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