Easy Steps for Organizing, Managing and Enjoying a Golf Party

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Who doesn’t like to play golf? It’s great entertainment whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer and can be fun for all the family. Golf parties are incredibly popular too because it allows golfing enthusiasts to enjoy a round of golf with others who share the same passion. It’s a lifestyle that impresses and despite what you might think, a Golf outing can be a wonderfully simple thing to organize and manage. So, what steps should you consider taking to organize, manage, and ultimately enjoy a golf party?

Know the Available Budget

Money isn’t something you always want to think about, however, budgeting for any golf outing or party is essential. Remember, there are costs for booking or reserving the golf course, then there are deposits, accommodation, and travel to consider. Even if you’re staying in the local area, you must consider coach hire for ferrying all golfers to and from the venue. It’s a long list but it’s important to consider all these things.

Working out a budget before you do anything else is important because you know how much you can spend. You know what monies there are to play with and allocate a certain amount for each thing, including entertainment after the event, such as reserving a table at a restaurant. You’ll find it far easier to organize and manage a golf party when you know your budget.

Get Sponsors Involved

If you want to play golf with your buddies, sponsors are probably unnecessary. However, if you’re putting together a charitable event, it might be wise to seek sponsors. Whether you have lots of celebrities involved or just a few local ones, it’s good to consider sponsors. It can generate a lot of money for a good cause and benefit the sponsors by getting their brand out there. Companies will pay to advertise near the green or on the actual tee box so there are great opportunities here. What’s more, some may offer donations for charities, which is ideal if you’re organizing an event to raise money for good causes.

Select a Suitable Golf Course

It doesn’t matter if you want to play golf with your work colleagues, for a charitable cause, or with your friends, it’s important to choose a good course. A lot of people leave this decision until the last minute and end up being left disappointed. The truth is that a golf outing or party is nothing without a course and you must consider the best for all golfers.

Remember, golf courses can vary in price, location, and difficulty. While one course offers better greens if it’s on the other side of the country and your budget doesn’t stretch to travel or accommodation then you must look closer to home. It’s important to do some research locally and further afield to find the right course. And you shouldn’t opt for the cheapest. Of course, if your budget is smaller then you have to accommodate it, but that alone shouldn’t determine what you decide.

Know the Skill Level of the Players

While golf lifestyle is for many, it isn’t everyone who reaches that height of a professional golfer. Your golfing buddies might be skilled, but they may not be able to handle the challenge of an executive course or ones the legends of the sport would play. That means you have to seriously consider the skill level of each person attending the event. Novice and casual golfer’s skill levels are different from those who are seasoned professionals and play every week.

Sometimes, the big-named courses aren’t necessary and won’t make them a superstar overnight. It can be more effective to choose a course that’s appropriate for their skills. Executive courses may be better for those with a par 3, but those are tough courses. You must consider each golfer, whether you’re planning a children’s event or a professional event.

Decide Who Is Doing What

Just because you’re the one organizing the bulk of the party, it doesn’t mean to say you can’t have others helping. For instance, you could have someone to deal with the sponsors or advertisement if it’s a charity event. Another could handle roping in local celebs while someone else deals with travel or accommodation. Delegation is the smartest way of creating a manageable golfing event and does make it easier for all those involved.

At the actual golfing event, you should have helpers on the day too. Volunteers can show people around or just pass out drinks. Again, this only applies to larger golfing parties; however, if you are hosting one of these events, remember to have plenty of entertainment available. If this is a golf outing for you and your friends, ensure you have a checklist of all names and what needs to be done on the day, including registering at the golf course. If golf is part of your lifestyle and then you’ll know what to do when you arrive at a golf course.

Think How to Split Tee Times

A small golf party isn’t going to present much trouble, especially if there are twelve (or fewer) golfers. It’ll be easier to split the party in two and have them tee off at the same time but on different parts of the course. This helps to ensure you don’t run over your allotted time slot and that everyone gets to play. If you’re dealing with a charity event then you may need to look at setting up smaller groups of golfers and have them tee off at various parts.

Of course, if you’ve booked the entire golf course for exclusive use by your party and have it from morning to night, then you could split the event. You could have mini-golf rounds in the morning, then in the afternoon, have the winners of the first round play a final round to crown a winner. Again, this will depend on the size of the group and the availability of the course.

Always Plan for Refreshments and After Event Meals

Depending on the course chosen, you may have some refreshments included. However, you should always inquire about this at the time of booking the course. Every club or course may have a policy over refreshments or meals. If they are included with the booking, it’s useful and convenient, to say the least. You could even ask an outside catering company to attend the event if refreshments aren’t supplied. However, you should not provide your own alcohol; that isn’t permitted by most golf clubs or courses.

After you play golf, you may want to consider venturing out to a local restaurant or book some entertainment. You could request a singer for charitable events. Most people don’t think about entertainment or meals after the golf outing; however, it’s an important element of the day. Sometimes, the game ends quicker than anticipated and everyone wants a good meal; you could book a table somewhere and if no-one is interested, cancel later.

Add a Few Contests Between Groups or Players

Whether you’re raising money for good causes or just want to play with friends, it’s good to have competition. Creating a contest between groups or individuals can add a nice element of fun and competitiveness to the party. You could even have a prize for the ultimate winner and runners up.

Consider Tokens of Gratitude for all Golfers

While you probably haven’t thought about – or budgeted – for prizes, it’s a nice idea. It shows you’ve put thought into the event. As said above, incorporate contests and give prizes to the winners, such as a gift card or tickets to a golfing event. However, all golfers could be given tokens or rewards as a gesture of thanks for taking part. You could opt for cheesy shirts or a gift card. It’s appreciated, especially if they’ve put the time in for good causes.

Remember to Have Fun

Organizing, managing, and enjoying a golf party is a lot easier than you think; just remember to have fun. Unfortunately, lots of people get stressed out because they haven’t organized the event. In the end, they don’t enjoy a moment of the event – or the golf – and it’s wasteful. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this for your event. You can easily delegate to others and have everything run smoothly. You can play golf and have fun with your friends. Any golf outing can start and end well when you have fun.

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