About Me


I’m Lily Burnet, 27 years old and addicted golf player; I welcome you into my website. I am not a professional player, but I am a passionate golf fan and this has been one of my main hobbies since an early age.

I’m playing golf since my early 7 years with my daddy’s, who is also a passionate professional golfer. This site was created to share my experience and knowledge on how to be an excellent golfer with the best types of equipment that help you being winner playing easy and comfortable golf.

The main goal of my web site is to review and test the best and latest golf clubs available. I’ll be sharing my accurate and honest feedbacks and thoughts as a skilled golfer. I will help you find the cheapest and nearest places to get them.

I also aim to share how I’ve improved my playing techniques over the previous years. I’ve struggled to learn from the professional golfer and I’ve been much luckier to learn from players who are better skilled than me.

I am regularly reviewing different clubs and training courses and programs to determine what is most helpful and effective for me and the other people visiting my website.

I will constantly evaluate and share my thoughts and experiences on how I can help other people play better as well. If you’re seeking an advice on a particular golf equipment and don’t find it on our site, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

I hope you enjoy this site and always appreciate your comments.